Building Permits & Inspections

Building and construction permits are typically required for any home improvement, repair, alteration, construction, or demolition project, including pool or spa installations, sandblasting, most excavations and erection of temporary structures such as temporary power poles. Permits are also required for re-roofing projects and improvements to plumbing, mechanical and electrical systems.

The city is currently enforcing the following building, fire, safety and related codes:
  • 2013 California Administrative Code
  • 2013 California Building Code (Volume I and II)
  • 2013 California Residential Code
  • 2013 California Plumbing Code
  • 2013 California Electrical Code
  • 2013 California Mechanical Code
  • 2013 California Energy Code
  • 2013 California Green Building Standards Code
  • 2013 California Existing Building Code
  • 2013 California Historical Code
  • 2013 California Referenced Standards Code
  • South Gate Municipal Code, Title 9
New construction, alterations, remodels are inspected to ensure that it meets compliance with the current California building, electrical, plumbing, mechanical, energy, and green building standards codes.

To contact the Building and Safety Division regarding scheduling inspections or permits please call 323-563-9583 or send an email.