Residential Additions


All new additions to your home require review and approval from the Planning Division, as well as other departments. The Planning Division is responsible to verify that the proposed addition (whether it is a patio cover, an addition to the house, an accessory structure or a basic remodel) complies with the development standards (setbacks, lot coverage, parking etc.) and architectural requirements that apply in your home’s zoning designation.

At a minimum, the Planning Division will need the following for review:
  • A complete Planning Review Form
  • Site Plan, Floor Plan, Elevations (3-sets 24" x 36")
  • Photos (3 minimum) – Front, rear, and area of the proposed project
  • Colors and Materials Sheet
  • Application Fee
Once application fees are received, you will receive a response within 15-20 business days.

More Information

To determine processing time, application fees, and submittal requirements, contact the Planning Division at 323-563-9526 or download the Residential Addition Application (PDF).