Property & Evidence

The property and evidence section is charged with managing all property brought into the Police Department as evidence, found property, or property for safekeeping. The Property Clerk insures all property entries are recorded and disposed of in a legally prescribed manner. All items of evidence needed to be examined at the Sheriff's Crime Lab are prepared for transport by the Property Clerk, as well as preparing all non-contraband unclaimed property for the annual city auction.

Property Returns

If you need to have property returned that was secured as found property or for safekeeping please call the Property Clerk at 323-563-5490 to make an appointment. Any item that was taken in as evidence must be cleared through the handling detective.

Unclaimed Funds
Notice is hereby given that the City of South Gate is holding funds that have not been claimed for a period of over three years.  If said funds are not claimed by 2/9/2020 at 5:00PM, these funds will become property of the City of South Gate in accordance with California Government Code Section 50550 - 50056.  The funds may be released to the party of interest provided a claim form has been completed with the necessary information.

Required claim information includes name, address, phone number, tax identification number or social security number, amount of claim, and grounds on which claim is founded.  Once a claim is submitted, a determination will be made and claimants will be notified of approval, denial, or need for additional information.

To download a claim form, click here.

To view the list of unclaimed funds, click here.