Advanced Water Meter Replacement

The City of South Gate ‘s Water Department will be advancing the City water system’s technology! The Advanced Water Meter Replacement Project will replace over 1,000 aged water meters with new Automated Meter Reading (AMR) technology.

AMR technology offers benefits to water customers such as real-time access to water usage, a more accurate and faster collection of water consumption readings and reduced labor costs. After completion, drive-by meter readings will serve as a solution that lowers costs, saves time, provides accurate data and aids in limiting water loss reductions. This timely and efficient information can help both the City and its customers better control their use of water.

Project Schedule

​- Construction from August 2016 to January 2017

Project Benefits

​- Increased reliability and efficiency of the City's water system
​- Real-time access of water usage
​- Faster leak detection technology
​- Timely leak fixes to decrease water loss
​- Improved billing
​- Improved customer service

Fact Sheet - Advanced Water Meter Replacement Project

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