Street Sweeping Program

City of South Gate Street Sweeping Program

In addition to keeping City streets clean, the Street Sweeping Program is in response to Federal and State Clean Water regulations to remove debris from the streets and gutters before it can enter the storm drain system. These regulations were created to provide pollution control and to reduce the flow of pollutants found in urban runoff from entering our waterways and ocean.

On a weekly basis, the city's street sweepers collect nearly 2 tons of rubbish from the streets and gutters. 
You can join the City in keeping city streets clean.  Please do not sweep trash onto City streets from private property to avoid littering. 

Street Sweeping Schedule

City streets are swept Monday through Friday, on their regular posted schedule, including holidays.  The City sweeps streets on holidays to achieve the highest level of service in street maintenance.  If your regular street sweeping day falls on a holiday, your street will be swept and parking restrictions will be in effect.  Citations will be issued for any vehicle parked in violations of parking restrictions inclusive of holidays.

For more information about the Street Sweeping program or your neighborhood's street sweeping schedule, contact the Field Operations Division at (323) 563-5785.

Parking control provides motivation for the public to move their vehicles, which allows for more efficient sweeping and more thorough debris removal.  If you received a parking citation due to street sweeping and would like more information, please call (323)563-5493.