South Gate


Tuesday, August 14, 2018 at 6:30 p.m.


Call to Order/Roll Call with Invocation & Pledge

CALL TO ORDER Maria Belen Bernal, Mayor
INVOCATION Pastor Anthony Kidd, Community of Faith Bible Church
PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE Virginia Johnson, Citizens' Advisory Committee
ROLL CALL Carmen Avalos, City Clerk


City Officials

Maria Belen Bernal Carmen Avalos

Jorge Morales Gregory Martinez

Denise Diaz Michael Flad
Maria Davila
Raul F. Salinas


Meeting Compensation Disclosure

Pursuant to Government Code Section 54952.3:  Disclosure of compensation for meeting attendance by City Council Members is $650 monthly regardless of the amount of meetings.

Comments from the Audience

During this time, members of the public and staff may address the City Council regarding any items within the subject matter jurisdiction of the City Council. Comments from the audience will be limited to five (5) minutes per speaker; unless authorized by the Mayor, the time limit may not be extended by utilizing another member's time. There will be no debate or action on items not listed on the agenda unless authorized by law.

Note:  The City Council desires to provide all members of the public with the opportunity to address the Council.  Nevertheless, obscene language, comments intended to disrupt or interfere with the progress of the meeting or slanderous comments will not be tolerated and may result in ejection and/or may constitute a violation of South Gate Municipal Code Section 1.04.110.

Reports and Comments From City Officials

During this time, members of the City Council will report on matters pertaining to their service on various intergovenmental boards and commissions as a representative of the City pursuant to Assembly Bill 1234.  City Council Members will also have an opportunity to comment on matters not on the agenda.

Following the City Council Members, reports and comments will be heard by the City Clerk, City Treasurer, City Manager and Department Heads.

Consent Calendar Items

Agenda Items 1, 2 and 3 are consent Calendar Items.  All items including Ordinances, Resolutions and Contracts, may be approved by adoption of the Consent Calendar, individually and collectively by one (1) motion.  There will be no separate discussion of these items unless Members of the City Council, the public, or staff request that specific items be removed from the Consent Calendar for separate discussion and action.

Any Motion to introduce or adopt an Ordinance on the Consent Calendar shall be: (1) a motion to waive the reading of the Ordinance and introduce the Ordinance or (2) a motion to waive the reading of the Ordinance and adopt the Ordinance, as appropriate.

1. Resolution approving MOU and Access Agreement with LAUSD

The City Council will consider:  (PW)

a. Adopting a Resolution                  approving the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) and Access Agreement (Contract                ) with the Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) to convey right-of-way easements for the construction of a new bus turnout and a dedicated right-turn lane within South Gate High School on the Firestone Boulevard Capacity Enhancement Project, City Project No. 476-TRF, Metro Call For Project ID No. F3124;

b. Authorizing the Mayor to execute the MOU and Access Agreement in a form acceptable to the City’s Special Counsel; and

c. Receiving and filing the Roadway Improvement Concept for the bus turnout and right-turn lane as accepted by LAUSD.

2. Comment letter to Metro regarding potential impacts of the West Santa Ana Branch Transit Corridor Project

The City Council will consider authorizing the Mayor to execute the comment letter regarding potential impacts related to the West Santa Ana Branch Transit Corridor Project to the Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority prior to August 24, 2018.  (CD)

3. Minutes

The City Council will consider:  (CLERK)

a. Approving the Special Meeting minutes and Special Budget minutes of May 29, 2018; and

b. Approving the Special and Regular Meeting minutes of July 10 and July 24, 2018.

Reports, Recommendations and Requests


4. City's street sweeping evaluation results and proposed service alternatives

The City Council will consider:  (PW)

a. Receiving and filing a presentation from the Director of Public Works/City Engineer on the results of the Street Sweeping Evaluation Project Report; and

b. Approving “Alternative No. 2 - Outsourcing the Street Sweeping Program” and authorize the Director of Public Works/City Engineer to procure a contract for street sweeping services starting in Fiscal Year 2018/19.

5. Warrant Register for August 14, 2018

The City Council will consider approving the Warrants and Cancellations for August 14, 2018.(ADMIN SVCS)

Total of Checks: $7,380,381.51
Voids: ($      1,796.46)
Total of Payroll Deductions: $    202,049.85
Grand Total: $7,176,535.20

Cancellations: 77606, 78236, 78256 and Various Stale Dated Checks as Listed in the Staff Report.


Adjournment in memory of Doris Jeanette (Jean) Reed, former City Commissioner and long-time resident.

I, Carmen Avalos, City Clerk, certify that a true and correct copy of the foregoing Meeting Agenda was posted August 8, 2018 at 3:00 p.m., as required by law.

Carmen Avalos,
City Clerk

Materials related to an item on this Agenda submitted to the City Council after distribution of the agenda packet are available for public inspection in the City Clerk's Office

8650 California Avenue, South Gate, California 90280
(323) 563-9510 * fax (323) 563-5411 *

In compliance with the American with Disabilities Act, if you need special assistance to participate in the City Council Meetings, please contact the Office of the City Clerk.  

Notification 48 hours prior to the City Council Meeting will enable the City to make reasonable arrangements to assure accessibility.