What are the benefits of a Neighborhood Watch program?
A reduction in crime, a better quality of life, a greater sense of security, responsibility, and personal control, it helps build community pride, prepares residents to help others and themselves in their community, provides law enforcement agencies with volunteer support year round by being an extra set of eyes and ears for the South Gate Police Department.

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1. What is Neighborhood Watch?
2. Does Neighborhood Watch work?
3. What are the benefits of a Neighborhood Watch program?
4. Who can be a part of Neighborhood Watch?
5. Can minors participate in Neighborhood Watch?
6. How do you start a Neighborhood Watch group?
7. How big does our Neighborhood Watch group have to be?
8. Does everyone in the Neighborhood Watch group have to live on the same street?
9. How much time is involved in being part of a Neighborhood Watch group?
10. How long do Neighborhood Watch meetings last?
11. What happens at the Neighborhood Watch meetings?
12. What topics can the meetings be about?
13. What are the qualifications to be a Block Captain?
14. What are the responsibilities of a Block Captain?
15. How do Neighborhood Watch groups communicate?