Residential Pre-Sale Inspections

It is the intent of the City to protect new property owners against undisclosed illegal construction of additions, alterations or improvements on residential property by requiring that the buyer of a residential property be provided with a Pre-Sale Inspection Report prior to the sale or exchange of the property.

Prior to entering into an agreement of sale for the exchange of any residential property, the owner shall obtain from the City a Pre-Sale Inspection Report showing the authorized construction, improvements, additions, use, occupancy and zoning classification of such property. Any violation(s) discovered as a result of the inspection will require correction regardless of change of ownership, or change of circumstance by the owner, owner’s agent, or other persons involved. 
             Pre-Sale Property Inspection Requirements, Fee and Process
             Pre-Sale Property Inspection Information Sheet (PDF)
             Pre-Sale Property Inspection Report Application (PDF)
             City Ordinance Chapter 9.62 Pre-Sale Housing Inspection