Economic Development

The City of South Gate Economic Development Division (EDD) works to provide an integrated approach to attracting, retaining and expanding a diversity of businesses in the city. The city’s EDD goals are to support the creation of jobs, stimulate economic activity that grows the local tax base, and strategically position the city and its businesses to better compete in the economy.

The city’s EDD facilitates access to and assist businesses with, utilizing available incentive and training programs such as the:

Economic Activity Reports

The Economic Activity Report highlights the major economic activity that occurred in the City of South Gate on an annual basis. The report details the estimated jobs that were created as a result of the new commercial and industrial developments. It also features new restaurants, retail developments, housing projects and sustainability projects.

Economic Development Report

  • Economic Development Report, 2018 (PDF)

Contact Information

The City of South Gate strives to continually improve its economic development programs to provide the best assistance to businesses. The city welcomes inquiries, comments, and questions from the public.