Recreation Programs

  1. Adult Sports

    Get information regarding sports for adults hosted by the Parks and Recreation Department.

  2. Aquatics

    The South Gate Swim Stadium staff is here to serve you for all of your aquatic needs. Whether you are looking to take swim lessons, fitness swim, have some family time in the water, or even have your party here!

  3. Fitness Center Membership

    Sign up for a membership with the Fitness Center.

  4. Senior Center Programs

    The Margaret Travis Senior Center offers a variety of activities for all those who strive to stay young at heart.

  5. Teen Programs

    The Teen Center is a place for everyone between the ages of 13 - 17 and is a great place to get away from everyday routines. You can come here to get your voice heard and also meet up with friends while making new ones.

  6. Youth Programs

    Review the leagues and classes presented by the Parks and Recreation Department for the city's youths.