Business Data Reports

In an effort to attract new businesses as well as retain and support existing businesses in the community, the city has partnered with Buxton Company for retail recruitment and retention services. The Buxton Company provides access to data that identifies the location of your customers and competitors, and gives you access to information that reveals opportunities for growth and expansion based on consumer preferences. The data findings can provide business owners with a strong foundation from which to understand retail recruitment and business retention efforts.

Information Included in Reports
Buxton business data reports include the following information.

Consumer Propensity Report
The Consumer Propensity Report shows how the consumers of a given trade area are likely to consume goods and services. The information contained in this report can help local business owners better optimize their merchandise/product offerings or their local marketing strategies.

Custom Variable Report
This report provides a foundational understanding of the consumers of a given trade area or geography, such as:
  • Age, Race and Ethnicity Percent Change
  • Educational Attainment Percent Change
  • Household and Population Percent Change
  • Household Size
  • Households by Income
  • Marital Status
Retail Leakage/Surplus Report
This report provides an estimate of retail dollars flowing in or out of the trade area. The analysis is sometimes called "a gap analysis" or "a supply and demand analysis" and can aid in the following:
  • Indicating how well the retail needs of local residents are being met
  • Uncovering unmet demand and possible opportunities
  • Understanding the strengths and weaknesses of the local retail sector
  • Measuring the difference between actual and potential retail sales
Healthcare Report
The Healthcare Report provides insights into the types of healthcare services residents are utilizing within a given trade area.

Request Business Data Report
If you are a current business owner in the city, or a prospective business owner, and would like to request any of the above business data reports, please contact Marina R. Urias, Management Analyst, at 323-563-9535 or via email to submit your request.

Current business owners must have a current City of South Gate Business License, and prospective business owners must have a potential business site in the city and be able to provide the physical address.