Granny Flats / Secondary Units

Granny Flats or secondary dwelling units are only permitted on lots that meet the following:
  • Lot is located within the Neighborhood Low (NL) Zone as designated by the South Gate Zoning Map
  • Lot size is equal to or large than 6,000 square feet
  • Lot has an existing single-family detached dwelling (main dwelling)
  • Lot does not already have a 2nd dwelling unit on-site
 Size Requirements
  • A maximum of 1 bedroom
  • Not to exceed 30% of the living area of the main dwelling, or 640 square feet of gross floor area, whichever is smaller
  • A minimum of 240 square feet of gross floor area
Development Standards
  • Maximum building height of 35 feet or equal to the height of the main dwelling, whichever is less
  • Located within the rear half of the lot
  • May be located on the 1st or 2nd floor, attached or detached from the main dwelling
  • Maximum 40% lot coverage for any NL Zone parcel, including the sum of the main dwelling and the second dwelling unit

Parking Requirement 

  •  A minimum of 1 on-site paved parking space shall be provided for the 2nd dwelling unit. 10’x20’ parking space.