Port-In Procedures

This section is for families who receive their vouchers through one Housing Authority and wish to transfer their voucher to another Housing Authority.  We are accepting and absorbing ports from other Housing Authorities.  An incoming transfer takes approximately 45 to 60 days to process, once we receive the paperwork from the applicant's current housing agency.

Unfortunately, we cannot accept a transfer to our jurisdiction unless we receive a portability packet from the initial housing agency.  Portability packets will not be accepted if faxed or hand carried by participant.  The initial Housing Authority should mail the portability packet to the SGHA at the following address: 

South Gate Housing Authority
Attn.: Portability
8650 California Avenue 
South Gate, CA 90280

(323)563-9531 Tel.

Processing time if 45-60 days.  It is important the family has sufficient resources, including a place to stay and available funds to pay for temporary housing and other expenses, to carry them through the processing period.  Sorry, but we do not have funding for emergency assistance.  

Since the policies and procedures of the receiving Housing Authority apply, some of the policies transferring policies and procedures to be aware of include:
  • Reduction of voucher size
  • Lowering of payment standards
  • For an admission at the Initial Housing Authority, the family income may exceed our income limits and they may be ineligible for assistance at our agency. 

Once we receive a portability packet, we will send the family an appointment letter requesting documentation and a new certification packet.  The certification packet includes the following:
         1.  Appointment letter (informing family when their appointment is and confirmation that we have received the      
              portability packet).
         2.  Personal Declaration and Authorization to Release.

Please make sure all paperwork in the certification packet is complete prior to coming in for your appointment.  The following documents are requested in order to expedite your portability:

          1.  Current proof of income (pay stubs, award letter for Social Security benefits, Unemployment, Child Support, CalWorks, 
          2.  Current (dated within 30 days of scheduled appointment) proof of any asset (all pages of current bank statements, trust 
               funds, life insurance, etc.). 
          3.  Birth Certificates and Social Security Cards for all household members
          4.  Current picture identification for all adults in the household
           5.  Legal immigration documents for all household members (if applicable)

The paperwork is very important.  You will need to provide all the necessary verifications requested before we can approve you for assistance.  Again, the approval process may take 45-60 days.  Failure to provide your paperwork may result in delay and/or termination of your rental assistance. 

After the paperwork is reviewed, we will issue a voucher and a Request for Tenancy Approval packet (the RTA). We must receive the RTA on or before the date your voucher expires.  We cannot process an RTA that is missing information.  Once we receive a completed RTA along with the required documents listed on the RTA we can begin processing it. 

After we approve the RTA, we will schedule an inspection.  Assistance will begin only after the unit passes an inspection, we authorize move-in, a lease agreement is executed, and the landlord signs a Housing Assistance Payment Contract. 

Finding a unit is your responsibility.  For a list of available units please come into our office and view our vacancy listing.  You may also look for units on your own.