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Operation Notices

Please report water emergencies immediately

Zone9 Flushing (Espanol)

Zone 9

To assist in our primary mission of providing safe and reliable water to the community, the Public Works Department Water Division will start Zone 9 flushing on February 24, 2021. The flushing operation will take place at night when our records indicate water demand is at its lowest point and will take approximately four months to complete. Weekly notices, including door hangers to affected areas will be sent and posted on the City’s webpage and other social media platforms. 

City Crews will begin their activities on Monday at 10:00 pm and end them by 4:00 am the following morning, concluding on Friday of each week. The City is taking a number of steps to minimize the potential impact to water customers. The Water Division will initiate a flushing program in the West side of the City and will systematically work their way through the City.

The area of operation is between Southern Ave to the north, Tweedy Blvd to south, Alexander Ave to east and California Ave to west, which is located in Zone 9. The attached map shows where Zone 9 is located in more detail.

While all steps have been taken to reduce the chance of a customer experiencing a water discoloration episode, customers in the impacted area are strongly encouraged to not use water during these times to the extent possible. Should you experience discolored water, we ask that you flush your own house pipes by running faucets for approximately 5 minutes or less. This should dispel any such discolored water that by small chance got into your house or business water pipes. Should you have continued water discoloration after flushing, please call our Public Works Department at 323-563-5790.  

The flushing of water pipes is a standard procedure for water purveyors across the State. Our mission is simply to provide safe and reliable water to customers in South Gate. 

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