What happens at the Neighborhood Watch meetings?
The first meeting will consist of an introduction to the Neighborhood Watch. Residents will have an opportunity to share concerns and ask questions regarding the program. Future meeting topics will be based on what the residents would like to discuss or learn about. If there is a specific topic residents would like to learn about or obtain more information on, the Neighborhood Watch Coordinator can provide resources and if possible, obtain a guest speaker. After the first meeting, it will be up to the Block Captain and neighbors to schedule and coordinate future meetings. It is the responsibility of the individual Neighborhood Watch groups to keep the program active.

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1. What is Neighborhood Watch?
2. Does Neighborhood Watch work?
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5. Can minors participate in Neighborhood Watch?
6. How do you start a Neighborhood Watch group?
7. How big does our Neighborhood Watch group have to be?
8. Does everyone in the Neighborhood Watch group have to live on the same street?
9. How much time is involved in being part of a Neighborhood Watch group?
10. How long do Neighborhood Watch meetings last?
11. What happens at the Neighborhood Watch meetings?
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13. What are the qualifications to be a Block Captain?
14. What are the responsibilities of a Block Captain?
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