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1. When are City Council meetings held?
2. How can I find out what is on the agenda for a particular City Council meeting?
3. If I go to a City Council meeting how do I address the council?
4. How do I get a copy of the City Council meeting minutes?
5. How do I submit a Public Records Request?
6. Is there a fee for city records?
7. Who accepts claims against the City of South Gate?
8. Where can I find a current salary chart for City Council Members, Elected Officials and employee’s of the City of South Gate?
9. Where can I find a list of phone numbers for different departments in city?
10. How can I apply to be on a City Commission?
11. Where do I get a dog license?
12. What are the addresses and phone numbers of the libraries in South Gate?
13. What are the days and hours of operation for the City Museum?
14. Are birth certificates, marriage certificates, death certificates, and other vital records available through the City Clerk’s Office?