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1. What if I am not sure that what I see is a violation?
2. What happens once I call in my complaint?
3. Do I have to give you my name and address?
4. How can I file a complaint in the evenings or on weekends?
5. I have a garage that I don't use for parking, can I use for a playroom or bedroom?
6. I want to build a bathroom inside my garage so that my children can use it instead of coming in the house all the time. Do I need a permit?
7. I want to build a small room to store gardening tools and my trash cans. Do I need a permit?
8. What does not require a building permit?
9. What are some of the common items that require a permit?
10. Where can I get more information on specific Code Requirements?
11. Where can I report Graffiti to be removed?
12. Can I schedule a large item pick-up?